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The Ayalon Institute brings alive one of the most fascinating chapters in the story of the establishment of the State of Israel. Here, right under the nose of the British, a factory the size of a tennis court, eight meters underground, produced 9mm bullets for the Sten submachine guns used by Palmach (elite pre-state military striking force) fighters.
45 youngsters, members of the “Tzofim A” Youth group and others, secretly manufactured more than four million bullets. The old factory was restored by the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites with great help from their partners in Israel and abroad, specifically the Jewish National Fund USA (JNF-USA). The highlight of the tour is identifying the secret entrance concealed inside in an innocent-looking laundromat. After descending a spiral staircase to the factory, you will see the machinery, which is still in working condition, and hear stories about the factory. The site, which features a restored dining room, rooms, halls and a eucalyptus grove with picnic tables and tents, is suitable for a variety of events.

*The site is managed by the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage sites (SPIHS).

Don’t miss: The fascinating audio visual presentation produced by the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage sit (SPIHS).

Especially for children: “Find the Treasure” game afterthe tour, for grades 4 and above (for groups).

Did you know? In order to preserve their cover story and to look like sunburned field laborers, the young workers spent several minutes a day under a sunlamp.

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