Historic Nahalal Police







 The historic Nahalal Fortress is located at a strategic point on the boundary between Nazareth and Yagur. It was inaugurated in 1936, at the peak of the bloody events that were raging across the land. The function of the fortress was to protect the civilian population of the Jezreel Valley – Jews and Arabs – and the representatives of the British rule. The station was commanded by Sergeant Yitzhak Shvili, an authoritative commander with an impressive personality, who maintained friendly relations with the all the valley’s inhabitants. Under the cover of routine police activity the station’s personnel under Shvili assisted the Haganah in many operations. Following the restoration of the station by the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, a visitor center for the heritage of the Hebrew policeman and guard in the Land of Israel was established there.

What’s at the site: a visual display, illustrating the spirit of the time and the connection between the guards in the days of the Mandate and today’s station officers; an audiovisual film about the guards.

For the general public: guided and dramatized tours, viewing a short film on the heritage of the guards, singing nights and seminars.

For children: experiential activities such as: an individual sneaking game into the Nahalal police station, a trip to the past with stories of key sites and figures for the valley and the history of the Jewish people.



Location: on highway 75 at the entrance to Manshiya Zabda.
Opening hours by advance booking

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